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Interpersonal relationships
(2 people on the film at the same time)


These 4 images (done by researcher John Hubacher) are of a married couple.  Top left image is when they are thinking unpleasant thoughts toward each other (note the wall between them), top right is when they are thinking defensive thoughts (the energy refuses to meld), bottom left are pleasant thoughts (sharing of energies) and bottom right the same couple kissing (can't tell where one stops and the other starts).


The 2 photos below each have 2 finger tips on them as well.  The assumption I had while shooting these was to show the melding of energy between us.  We were good friends and roommates and I expected to see results like the ones above (done by researcher John Hubacher).  I was baffled at the results, I thought my roommate had only minutes to live (a joke).

It would be years before I had any insight into this effect.  After reading one of Thelma Moss' books (Probability of the Impossible)  I discovered this was one of her most reproducible experiments....

When 2 people are shooting a picture at the same time and they have eye contact one person almost always disappears.  I'm not sure I understand this effect (dominance?).  I have heard many theories (I'm waiting for yours ) and tried this experiment with various couples and at times opposite results but a pattern was beginning to appear.

Back when I was doing the psychic fair circuits (yes I was a C os mi c Ca rn ey) I was often approached by couples who were "In Love" and wanted to photograph their "obvious" melding of energies.  At this juncture I was always puzzled how much to divulge, do I tell them of Thelma Moss' results, or do I allow them to try it anyway and hope they succeed?  I didn't want them to waste their time and cash as their end result may not be suitable for framing and if they were anything like me at my first Kirlian photo shoot they just wanted a great picture.  Over the years I would just make a call to tell or not tell the background story and the weird thing is when I didn't tell them the background story each attempt ended in a poor result like you see above (one person has all but disappeared).  When I did tell the background story each person was equally visible, almost as if they were holding their ground and saying "I won't be the one who disappears".  In either attempt it is interesting to see the fluctuation in results when the "experimenter effects the experiment".

However you read this result, one thing seems certain, the energy we see is dynamic and varies easily with emotional or mental adjustments from inside and out.  This almost plasma like state of our "body" is effecting our surroundings to some degree, an invisible communication, we shouldn't be too suprize'd some of us can sense this subtle energy and use it.

It's really just physics (even thought the scientists don't know it ....yet).

Before and after

These 6 shots are good examples of the variation in output and symmetry during 2 quick mental adjustments.
The 3 subjects above were photographed in a neutral state of mind (left image) then asked to think positively for the second shot (right image).  The obvious result is visible, each person "pulled it together" so to speak for the second shot, increasing the output and symmetry of the image.

A common look in the very young and elderly.

This shot above is of my son Jake at 11 months old.  Though not very evident here, young children tend to have colors which are more pastel then adults, who tend to display bolder colors (blue, red, yellow)....

...and interestingly enough elderly people (my Grandmother here) also display pastels rather than
bolder, more distinct colors, a definite pattern I've seen over the years.

I will add more Kirlian goodies as time allows.... check back
and thanks for reading this far!

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