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My 2 second analysis for reading Kirlian images is this:  Brightness, balance and symmetry are good things, abstractions and low output are not as good.  Color isn't that important because this varies with film types.  See my "Analyzing Kirlian Images" section (when I complete it) for more detail.  All images are done on color print film and must be developed.  I don't care for Polaroid (instant) film because of the quality and lack of a negative.  To see my Polaroid examples click hereand you be the judge.

The following 12 images were done within 30 minutes time.  They are all the same finger-tip, exposure time, pressure and angle.  The woman had never heard of Kirlian Photography but was interested because of her standard photography and video interests. (More explanation below)

From top left, reading from left to right:

1. neutral state of mind  2. unpleasant work  3.  pleasant work  4 . mental high  5. looking at sister  6. self healing thoughts  7. self healing with deep breathing  8. Northern Lights  9. childhood accident  10. boyfriend in present 11. boyfriend in the future  12. inner peace

She arrived with her sister, we quickly discussed the process and began shooting pictures.  She seemed indifferent to the concept that we have energy bodies and when I asked her to focus her thoughts on "self healing" (image 6) she questioned me as to what that meant. I tell you this detail because I believe it describes someone without allot of preconception about these types of concepts.  The old saying "the experimenter effects the experiment" holds true in Kirlian research as well. During the shooting I felt the images would be similar in output as her outward attitude varied little from shot to shot.  I was very wrong.

Note: due to the fact I have to develop the negatives we had no way of determining the results as we were going along.  I make notes of our pre-conceptions and a short analysis for each result below.

1. Neutral state of mind
Shot when she arrived, no direction from me.  This is "the control shot" and it's look is similar to her other lower output shots for the day, however it is still a very bright and symmetrical image compared to "typical" images I have done.

2. Thoughts of her unpleasant job
I had her think about her work, she said she had 2 jobs, one she liked one she didn't.  She said she had no problem mentally focusing on this.  The image shows abstractions and intensity, something I'd associate to shots I've done of physical pain.

3. Thoughts of her pleasant job
Same set up as image 2 above.   The intensity is extremely high and symmetry is present (she likes her job).

4. Mental high
I asked her to think of something that gives her a real mental high.  She felt it was a struggle to do this (she thought her inward visualization skills were poor and I think it shows in the non-symmetry of the image, yet it is still very bright by my "typical" standards).

5. Looking at sister for a negative reaction
I asked her to think of something negative so she said she'd look at her sister, they sorta got a chuckle out of it (they had some tension between them that day they said).  Though it is less output than her more positive images it is still symmetrical, which I consider a good result, the red blotch leaking out through the thinning white ring is another typical sign of stress... you know how sisters can be.

6. Self healing thoughts
Wanting to move her to a more positive mood.  I directed her toward thoughts of "self healing" at to which she replied "what's that?"  I gave her my 4 second explanation and after the shot was taken she confessed to feeling unable to accomplish this visualization.  Note how different image 5 and 6 are, even though she "felt" she couldn't visualize this I feel she did pretty good, still not that symmetrical but very energetic and positive looking.  This image is of importance to me because of the yellow balls which seem to follow the darker channels.  I have never taken a shot so interesting as this.

7. Self healing with deep breathing
I figured she may get better results with a few seconds of deep breathing and healing type thoughts.  Again the intensity is obvious but now there is more symmetry in the pattern (a good thing).

8. Remembering Northern Lights experience
I asked her to remember something in her past that was a great experience.  After this shot she again felt she struggled with the visualization and it shows in the output and the abstraction.

9. Remembering a childhood accident
She remembered falling off a horse.

10. Thinking of her boyfriend in the present
Thoughts of her boyfriend in the present.  I'd say she likes him.

11. Thoughts of her boyfriend in the future
I'd say she has high hopes for him.

12. Thoughts of inner peace
Very intense shot.

My conclusion on these shots : "amazing",  my favorite set of pictures.  I was surprised by the results and those gold balls which seem to follow the darker channels are very interesting details indeed, as they exist well outside the area where the finger is making contact with the film.  These channels seem to be related to the 2 acupuncture meridian lines which run down each finger.  I wish I had this on video so I could see the movement of the details.  There are Kirlian devices which film low light motion and are very exciting to see, the effect is similar to watching a gas stove flame dancing.  My camera (usually) captures pictures similar to image number #1 when I get a "good" shot.  Seeing the red colors blow out beyond the picture frame and those gold balls is quite an exciting result.

Honesty is the Best Policy


When people take pictures I ask them to think of things which are real or important to them because I feel Kirlian Photography easily reflects our momentary emotional energy level.  Like the 12 examples above, the ones which looked the best were the ones visualized the best.  The 2 images below are my case in point.

Image 1 (on the left) was my 1st ever Kirlian photo.  I found this guy who built a device out of curiosity and I was very excited to have a chance to get my own picture done as I had been reading everything on this and related subjects for many years.  I wanted to photograph better then anyone he had ever seen (in hopes I would be asked to be his guinea pig in future experiments).  So while I was in position to be photographed I visualized my energy building, pouring down my arm and out my finger as if it were high pressure water from a hose.  I was quite let down when the image finally arrived in the mail with a note attached to it saying how I should try meditation.

I went back to him with a bunch of questions.  He had no interest in Kirlian research and offered to loan me his device so I could figure it out for myself.  I was blown away... so excited to get this chance.  On my way home I bought every roll of film I came across and hardly had my coat off as I plugged it in and was ready to shoot.  I even had a momentary thought that I should calm down first because my last picture was such a bad result even with all my positive visualizations.  I remember saying to myself "Naaa, I have all weekend to calm down, I want to get shooting!".  So the image 2 (on the right) is my second Kirlian shot.

I eventually realized that my 1st picture was captured under a contrived and forced condition (I tried way too hard to impress) where as the second shot was honest excitement.


Polaroid instant prints.
This is the reason I don't use this film... poor quality, size, limited colors and no negative for reprints.



As was often the case when I attended various Psychic Fairs I ran into other Kirlian Photographers.  The 3 examples above were done in trade... they got pictures of themselves on my device and I got one on their device, which usually came with a "free reading" .  The reading on the last image was interesting, I had 4 fingers on the film for each of the 3 shots as I altered my state of mind toward a positive attitude (each shot was brighter than the one before, which pleased me to some degree).

The "reading" which followed only dealt with all the "other entities" he said, which were hovering around me on the image.  He wasn't to pleased with me when I told him it looked more like the metal pinch rollers the film passes through after exposure were dirty, causing the uneven distribution of the developing chemicals and thus the yellowish smudges.  This dirty roller effect can also be seen on the other photos in verying degrees.

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