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Last Updated 2/6/04


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********* Latest News *********

There are plans for a live performance at the local high school (spring) and a video shoot in Seattle.  Stay tuned, watch for posters and a live concert dvds, judging by all the fans this young group is gathering their products will fly out the door.   We'll keep you posted on how to get your own copies, check back for the latest news or email us at

********* Reviews *********

Don't March released 2/5/04

Good song, its a good hit, keep it going!
-Josh from Seattle

Don't March was good, Your gunna make it, keep trying!
-Sheldon from Seattle

It had good style keep it goin homiee.
-John from Seattle

It has tight ass beat, and lyrics!
-Josh from Seattle

It was tight.
-Ben from Seattle

It was good.
-Michael from Seattle

That shit was tight, hella filthey beat and tight lyrics!
-Matt from Seattle

I thought the beats and the rhymes were tight!
-Joseph from Seattle

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