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My Camp Orkila pictures

Orcas Island, Washington USA

September 2001

...with my entire 6th grade

I guess your wondering how I got up here.

It all started with a bus ride, it was a blast.

My dad, the other parents and teachers had fun too.

3 to a seat.

Ferry ride through the San Juan Islands to Orcas.

We entertained the other riders and ourselfs.

Some of the riders entertained me.





We arrive at the camp and meet councelors.

This was my dads cabin group.

At the beach, in fact our cabin was even closer then this.

We had special classes too.


One night we got to dress ugly for the dance.




There was a night when each cabin had to make a skit.

Back to my story...somewhere in that week I got to climb a tall ladder.

Was still a long climb after that ladder.

I guess the easy part is over, to just walk on this rope.

Extra points for a good dismount.

It was beautiful, my dad and everyone had a great time, and I have the video to prove it.

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