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Jenny's Page 1

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Sorry if these pages load slowly... I have allot of pictures.

You should hear the woofers in this buggie!

yep, that's me way up there on that rope.
(Camp Orkila Challenge Course)
Click here to see my Camp Orkila pictures

My old 6th grade pic.

Me and Niki Stone.  Can't wait to see her again.

Waterslides near Spokane are huge and fast

burrrr.....the ocean can be breezy and cold, hurry up dad!


Edmonds/Woodway High School Cheerleader Camp
Dad got the final show on video.

Lightning, my 1st basket ball team.

My dads girlfriend Diane and her son River (and mee too).

Bell Bottoms are cool.

I'm not a baby anymore (sorry Dad).

I like to sing, dance (click here to see) and play lots of instruments.

My girlfriends...Renee, Blair, Kelsey and Niki (the party girls).

Blair (my buddie) at the Roller Rink with me (old pic)

My Dads favorite picture (it's a dad thing).

My mom and step dad Walter.

My birthday party (I see Aunt Laura in there).

This shot was taken by my brother.

And this is my Brother.

My schools tire swing.

These High Heels are huge!


I don't have an attitude, Kidders and Max have the attitudes.

I love our new kitten too.


My brother Jake, Dad, me and friend Makaila at the Zoo.

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