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2D Examples

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…  Corporate Identity/Logo Creation  …

Call or email for quotes or questions.

Randy Hiatt (425) 774-9159


Sales & Marketing Materials
Print ready design, photography, 3D modeling, rendering and type setting.



Photo re-touching
It's never too late to preserve the past.




Promotional Material
Image touch-up, logo creation, design/layout, pre-print and final delivery.


CD Design
Coordinated tray liners and CD's not shown

Music by Accident
Quality is not yet our concern  Volume 2
No Coincidence Records

Music by Accident
Quality Is Not Yet Our Concern
No Coincidence Records

Music by Accident
Vol.1 Jams
No Coincidence Records

Music by Accident
Camel Bytes
covers of Camel tunes.
No Coincidence Records

from rehearsal tapes
No Coincidence Records

In a Sense
from rehearsal tapes.
No Coincidence Records

Kevin Gilbert and Giraffe play The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Live)

Kevin Gilbert and Toy Matinee

NEAR Fest 2000

Xtc Drunken Jam Sessions

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