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Links To Other Web Sites I Like

The links on this page are to other web sites I have no control over, so...
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Short Cuts to Web Link Categories on this page.

Kids Stuff,    Science, Nikola Tesla,    Kirlian Photography,   Music,

Graphics,       Friends, Airplanes,     Real Estate,     Medical / Legal,

For Sale,        Fun and/or Games,     Apple/Mac,     Search Engines

Kids Stuff
Nickelodeon OnLine
All things Disney
These ultimate toy robots play soccer on their own (artificial intelligence).  They're now for sale.

Fun and/or Games and Cool Stuff
Jack Nicklaus Golf computer game.
Nintendo 64.
Try translating your language into another and then back's a hoot how it ends up!
A collection of Word oddities and trivia (for you smarty pants)
A great web site on the 60's...  music, art, people....

Mike Bento's Steel Drum/percussion band
Brad and Cindy Hill's Homested (Friday night bass player and sail plane dude).
My buddies XtC site.
The most artistic quilts you'll ever see.
Pro photography, clean and crisp.
Kirt Bujack's music and graphics.
Scott Lindenmuth Group (Guitar Fusion/Jazz)
Erics place (hang glider, guitar nut).
Laura Martin N.D. (my kids Aunt Laura).

Science and Philosophy
(or Close To It)
The University Of Science and Philosophy (Walter and Lao Russell)
The Twilight Club (started in 1800's with the great thinkers of that time, including Walter Russell).
A page about Walter Russell, The Modern Day Leonardo.
Satellite images of the earth... find your house, I did!
The end all/be all Hubble space telescope site.  Plenty to find if your persistant.
Russian satellite images of the Pacific NW, I can count the cars in my driveway (one meter resolution).
Mars Exploration
Space Resources for Educators.
Local Weird Science group.
Planetary Mysteries.
A great Crop Circle research site.

Nikola Tesla
A site which sell the Tesla movie "The Secret Of Nikola Tesla"
Tesla Book Company (great resource).
John Wagners Tesla page (and great T-Shirt offer that helps spread the cause).
Tesla Museum Belgrade Yugoslavia (a cool virtual tour of the museum).

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Kirlian Photography
(Auras and maybe that gooey Ectoplasm stuff)
Kirlian resources and products.
An interesting site, check out the camera for capturing motion.
A well done site.
Written by two doctors who were able to diagnose cancer by way of the Kirlian Photos.
Explanation of the aura simulation vs real Kirlian and links to Aura Simulation devices.

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Resources, Artists (me included!) and Fan Sites
My own MP3 music site.  Go here to hear all our stuff.
I also have my MP3 music files here as well (but you need to register before downloading).
Forgotten Yesterdays, a great web site, listing every Yes concert and bootleg recording (they posted my live concert shots!),10000,0-4004-7-274644,00.html
Webmonkey The Nuts and Bolts of MP3 stuff (digital audio delivered over the web). MP3 essentials
CD-R Based Mp3 Product Description
an interesting Mp3 site
Find some hard to find music.
A cool musicians resource.
Scott Lindenmuth Group
NW Cyber Artists (Seattle meetings).
Cyber Evangelics (met at Siggraph).
A huge XtC site (just try to read it all).
My buddy Bob's XtC site (he's "in touch").
All about that Beach Boys project (Smile) that never was released.
Peter Gabriels own web site.
Kate Bush fan site.
Tony Levin's own site (super site).
Tori Amos.
Tears For Fears.
Gentile Giant (art rocks heavy weights from days gone by).
Lori Anderson (Performance Artist)
Dead Can Dance
Kit Watkins.
Brian Eno
New Progressive Music artists
Progressive Rock Site
Adrian Belew
Yes (art rocks corner stone... and still kicken it out)
Genesis (art rocks other corner stone, but better when Peter Gabriel was in there).
WOMAD (Peter Gabriels World Of Music, Arts & Dance festival at Marymoor Park, Redmond Washington).
MP3 article in Wired with links to player and recorder.
a great movie experience that is being held for ransom by the "powers that be"
Kevin Gilbert's web site ( a great unknown)

Airplanes and Such
My current place of employment.
My last place of employment and now largest customer.
B-17 Flying Fortress tour.
Buy a Sail Plane from my friend Brad.

Real Estate
North West US Real Estate.
NW Real Estate

Medical/Legal stuff
(Aunt) Laura Martin N.D.
Excellent resource for all legal questions.

Web For Sale/Auctions
E Bay, web auctions.
Apple/Mac auction site.

Apple/Mac Stuff
The Mac Evangelist site... really funny but true stuff.
This Boycott Microsoft site is really funny too (I think).
Macintosh and Media
A Mac Index Page
The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software (shareware)
Mac Users Connection

They shot my head and turned it into a 3D model with color texture mapping.  Now to get it onto one of those virtual golfers...
Tour Into Picture (free), converts 2D images into 3D environments you can move around in.
A huge site for 3D models of everything imaginable, some even free.
SIGGRAPH, the largest graphics special interest group (last years convention had 40,000 attendees).
Seattle SIGGRAPH Chapter.
Alias|Wavefront software.
Resolution Technologies "FlyThru like" 3D Digital Mockup software via the Web.
Strata Studio Pro site.
The Ultimate Compendium of Photoshop Sites.
Photoshop Action Cornucopia.
More Photoshop Actions
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop.
Fractals for the Mac.
Plug In's
Mark Pesce VRML inventor.

Search Engines
A killer, fast, new search engine!
A Seattle resource like the next link below.
Great link to all things North West... entertainment, camping, hikes, restaurants... you get the picture.
Northwest show search
find our friends the Penguins
15 Search Engines, One Query.
A search sit with lots of perks.
Business like but clean and uncluttered.
My kids favorite (I just think they like the name).

Other Resources
Washington State road reports


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