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• • Updated 2010 • •

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Mental Men (Pat Stone guitar, Brad Hill bass, Roger Billings sax, Randy Hiatt drums) ...wild jazz-rock fusion improv

Mid Life Crisis  (Mark Maynard guitar, Tim Hirsch guitar, Larry Franscious vocs, Randy Hiatt percussion) ...acoustic/un-plugged classic rock

Plan B  (Mark Morgan guitar, Tom Roberts bass, Rick Walter keys, Jerry Clausen vocs, Randy Hiatt drums) ...early 70's classic rock

TBD (Mark Morgan guitar, Randy Jacobson bass, Randy Hiatt drums) ...early 70' power trio classic rock

Music by Accident (Lane Collinson guitars, Jim Panek bass, Kirk Forsland keys, Randy Hiatt drums) ...impro jam-rock

We have a site for Camel Covers.
Camel is a progressive rock band, started in the early 70's.
If you have a song or art work to submit email me and I'll give you the details.

We also have a page dedicated to us fans who cover Porcupine Tree tunes.  Porcupine Tree is a progressive rock band currently in their stride.
All are welcome to participate (artwork and music).  Stay tuned for the tunes as they go thru the approved process (about 10 days after upload).

My special thanks to Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Karen Lee(President, Evolution Promotion)
for allowing us this fun.


Music by Accident's last CDR release

This double CDR (18 tunes) is a collection of jams and covers.

MbA credits: Lane Collinson, Jim Panek, Kirk Forsland, Mike Rose and Randy Hiatt (and a few special guests)

email me for details at:

Places to hear MbA tunes over the web for free

• Music by Accident  ...impro jam-rock

• Music by Accident on
Many hours of MbA tunes spanning many decades.

• Music by Accident does covers of Camel on
I have created a page for anyone interested in doing Camel covers.

• Music by Accident does covers of Porcupine Tree on
I have created a page for anyone interested in doing PT covers, come join us!

• Music by Accident on
Another of the free mp3 hosting sites I like.

• Music by Accident on in Australia for Music by Accident stuff.

• Randy Hiatt on in Australia for Randy's solo stuff.

• Music by Accident on
Another web host of our mp3 files.

Web "radio stations" playing and reviewing MbAsongs

Chalkheads - XTC Fans Unhinged
Songs BY and FOR fans of Swindon's XTC!
"This is Chalkhiller Randy Hiatt's gathering of like-minded musicians.  Chill before serving."
For Chalkhills digests click here

Instant Everything
For fans of Kevin Gilbert and list members of Joytown.
"Joytowner Randy Hiatt is the performer of this great tune, which is a dreamy, moody instrumental. Intriguing guitar soundscapes and melodic approach. Worth a listen!"
Find Joytown digests here

So Jazz
A web station for jazz stuff (how did we get here?)
"It is no accident when the creative juices flow. Amazing sounds from guys who say they composeon the fly!"

Seattle Espresso
Internet station dedicated to Seattle and all Pacific Northwest artists.
"To understand this band is to take their name seriously...Music By Accident is exactly that - trained musicians freaking out in the studio and releasing it for all of us to take part in. This song here is my favorite because gets your ass shaking! It's a tad long and simple, but ultimately works because it gets subconscience after a few minutes. Rating 3/5"

Kickin' Logic
Logic Audio Producers Showcase
"Layered acoustic or singing guitars creating textures like a taste in your mouth. Close your eyes and go wherever it feels good to be."

The Weirdos are Calling
Are you Listening?
"I love this kinda stuff."

Conception Station
I created this station for music created in a freeform or jam mode.  Bands from all over the world are emailing me to be added to the playlist, most are excellent and some are world class (Adrian Belew, Steve Hacket, Trey Gunn...)

Jacks Picks
Listed below are some of my favorite tunes from some of my favorite acts at
"My old pal from Joytown makes an appearance here! Two reasons, really - 1st, JT is now a ghost town; 2nd this is a post JT creation; 3rd and MOST IMPORTANT - Wow, this is a cool song. Nice work, Randy! Check out his other stuff too, including the bits with TwoSheds - I'm humbled am I."

Music On Tap
A musical collection featuring players of Tap Style instruments.

"Very cool guitar/Chapman Stick harmonic interplay on this one.  Jason Doggett's ringing chorused Stick sound balances nicely with Joe Funk's guitar textures.  If Kit Watkins played Stick it might sound like this."


A directory for the various projects going on around here, follow the links below for more detail.
All band and/or project names subject to change without much thought.

On the back burner yet with a rolling boil

Most projects were/are on hold as various live music projects took off lately.  Things are coming home now, especially since I have a new computer and software which tends to clue my butt to this chair.  It's all good however, new things they are a boiling now!  :)

•  A tribute CDR of
Camel tunes(not Peter Frampton's Camel) is comming along.  We have forgotten many Camel tunes through the years, will now put a few back together, I even found some players over the web who are contributing long distance.  I'd like more of that please.

•  We have a Cover Tunes project that will soon be compiled consisting of a wide variety of stuff like:  Jeff Beck, Genesis, Xtc, Porcupine Tree, Kevin Gilbert, Kate Bush, Camel, Zep, Wishbone Ash, James Gang, Donovan, the Stones...

•  Mike Rose is working on his concept CDR and MbA has a big hand in it.  Even the demo's are sounding good enough.

•  Music by Accident will release another collection of improvised jams from the past year.

•  A Greatest Hits collection of the Friday Night Guys (from the 4 track and digital years) is a mining project of huge proportions, but will be a must have, some of our bravest jams are in there.

•  Mark Morgan has some tunes and bands up his sleeve ....I have been helping him get on the web.
Check out:

Older Music Projects (70's 80's 90's) click here

Music by Accident
aka: the Wednesday Night Guys or the Gang

Improvisational, Rock, sometimes with vocals.
Lane also does a killer job with Camel tunes, a un-official (not for sale) tribute project is in the works.

MbA are usually:  Lane Collinson, Kirk Forsland, Jim Panek, Randy Hiatt, Mike Rose (vocals/guitar) has joined in providing some excellent vocals.

The Friday Night Guys
akaThe MentalMen, 3Amigas

Improvisational, Jazz/Rock Fusion, heavy on the improv part.
Through the years we have also done bucketfulls of cover tunes of bands we like, such as ...
Xtc, Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd, Bill Bruford, Tears For Fears, Peter Gabriel, Gentle Giant, blaa blaa.... even some jazz standards.
The MentalMen have a site too.

The Friday Night Guys are usually:  Pat Stone, Brad Hill, Roger Billings and Randy Hiatt.

Randy Hiatt solo stuff

All the stuff I wish someone else would play on.

Two Sheds

This is a long distance collaboration between Two Sheds (Joe Funk and Jason Doggett) from Austin Texas and me (Randy Hiatt) from Seattle.

I currently have 3 tunes of theirs (sorta finished) on my page.  Two Sheds have their own mp3 site as well as a CDR.

Joe Funk (guitar), Jason Doggett (Chapman Stick), Randy Hiatt (clackity things).

Older Projects making their way to CDR

We've all had a good time over the decades.  I'm always looking for photos or tapes of those times...check those shoe box's in the storage unit and contact me if you find something to share.

Digging through the tape archives..., have digitized a few tunes with some of the Tower Gang...Kirt Bujack (keys), Kelly Marsh (keys), Dave Taylor (bass), Ron McCann (guitar), me (drums).  Though a bit rough (1st practice) it was the only tape I have of this combination of guys.  Ron's guitar work is hot, check our mp3 sites for "Cities" and "Prog March".


"The Tower" as we fondly referred to it,
(now being preserved as an historic site) where many years of playing/recording took place, it truly is historic to me,
but I bet our chapter gets left out of the history books.

An archeological dig has unearthed numerous 2 and 4 track tape archives (from the Tower days),
selections are being made for a few CD's.  So far a jam from 1983 has made it to CD featuring;

Scott Lindenmuth (guitar)
Mark Morgan (guitar)
Randy Jacobson (bass)
Dave Taylor (bass)
Pat Stone (guitar)
Brad Hill (bass)
Fred White (keys)
Kirt Bujack (keys)
Mark Thomas (drums/percush)
Randy Hiatt (drums/percush/production)

It was a big jam, can you tell?  If you haven't received your copy get ahold of me.

Older Music Projects (70's 80's 90's) click here

email me at: