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3D Examples

  Digital Mock-Ups    Architectural 3D/2D Models    Manufacturing Aids 
  Conceptual Designs    Training Media    CAD    Advertising 
  Presentations    Drafting    Animation's    Litigation 

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New additions 9/2/04

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Architecture - Construction - Design Concepts - Litigation
Realistic imagery from your 2D drawings/plans/elevations, photos, CAD data or even verbal direction.  Mix photo media with 3D renderings for in context views.  Once a 3D model is created it can be repurposed in numerous ways, viewed from any angle or lighting condition and at great savings to you.  My low overhead allows me to beat any competitors rate.  The exterior log home designs below range from $120-$350, the detail views were around $25 each.





Manufacturing - Digital Mock-Ups - Training Aids -
Convert your 2D drawings to 3D illustrations or renderings for design reviews and customer buy-offs.  The data can be used in product support, manuals, training media and manufacturing aids.  The various examples below represent costs ranging from $300-$2000.





Advertising - Misc. -
Create models and animation's for use on product packaging, web pages, kiosks, video/multi-media presentations and games.


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